The Smile Solutions Inc. is a legally registered Liberian owned Business, established in 2017 with the core objective of development smart solutions that will cater to the technological needs of the locals.

Our Humble Beginning

Smile Solutions was established due to raising demands of lack of systems in most of the sectors of our country. After observing these difficulties, like minded Liberians with few overseas partners begin a journey in developing systems that are aimed at transforming sectors of Liberia. Education being a fundamental sector of any nation

Fulfillment of Our Mission

Smile Solutions firstly embarked on building a digital attendance system aimed at tracking the attendances of teachers across the country. After couple of months, our cloud-based attendance system is fully functional and is currently being used by Christ The King Catholic School for monitoring the attendances of teachers. The system is also designed to get parents involve with the attendances of students. Our attendance system is embedded with an sms functionality which alerts parents on the arrival and departure of students. This system may also be used by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for tracking the attendances of foreign mission staff across the globe.

Transition to Full service

We completed the development of a digital hospital management system. This system is fully integrated with features that transforms the manual processes at health facilities and promotes accountability and transparency. The features include registration of patients, opening of a patient charts, drug management, workflow, invoicing, reports which include diagnosis and drugs, etc.


Introduced our digital grading platform, school secretariats or administrators can have full visibility on schools across the country in terms of grades of students, run reports which include students that are failing and provide convenience for parents. This means parents can view the progress report of students anytime and anywhere across the world. Our digital grading system is currently being used by Cathedral Catholic School, Apostolic Foundation High School, Emmanuel J. Hunter Junior High School, etc.


Jeremiah Johnson

CEO/Solution Architect

Jacob Konnuwah

Operation Manager

Emmanuel Nyorkor

system developer

Jerryline Dimoh

Head of marketing

Reuben D. Joe

IT Analyst

Jay-you Pablo Escobar Garway

Data Analyst